What we do

We create Tracking devices for all kinds of objects

At SemperTrack we specialise in tracking all kinds of devices from Pets, People and devices such as high-value everyday items like smartphones, tablets. Almost any device that is valuable to our clients.

How it works

Simple and Easy to use tracking

We make it simple to track those valuable things you cherish most. Simply tag the item, should someone find your valuable all they have to do is scan the barcode (QR Code) and wait for things to happen, we do the rest!

(716) 639-7604

Found a Tag

Simply scan the bar code (QR code) using your mobile phone.

Report a lost item

Simply follow the instructions and report a lost item 

Letting the owner know

Our system reports a lost item via a simple messaging service.

Get Rewarded

Some owners offer rewards for lost items.

Finding Bletchley

Find, Locate, Any Time

It's really simple to use, Bletchley our beloved Shih Tzu has gone missing. We know he knows the local area but we've been looking for hours. Then all of a sudden, my mobile phone vibrates and I get a message from SemperTrack that someone has found a stray dog. They scanned the QR-code on his collar and I can now see where he is. In no time at all, he's back home with us and the panic is over!


SMS Message


Tracked and Found


Panic Over

Simple low cost solutions for Tracking your valued items

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